Commercial Growing

You want to increase profits, and refuse to compromise on quality. Through collaboration, we help your commercial concern realise improved yield, quality and profitability. By improving the quality of your input growing medium, the quality of your crop will be more robust.



The importance of growing medium quality is essential for growth, from seed germination, root development, water filtration and drainage but also for root aeration and distribution of nutrients. Our growing medium is developed for targeted application to achieve desired results.



Consistent and sustainable growth is necessary to predict crop yield. Our growing mediums are developed and produced in an environment with strict controls and testing. Use our premium quality growing mediums and you will benefit from consistently superior growth.


Crop Yield

One of the most important factors that influence your crop yield is the growing medium used and availability of nutrients. Our growing medium products are produced in a strictly controlled environment and tested to ensure that they are free of any harmful pests or parasites.

about us

Our passion is to grow, we are on a path of continuous improvement and innovation in agricultural growing medium applications. Throughout the history of agriculture, the soil (or the growing medium) and water has been critical for successful plant growth and food production. Without a good quality growing medium and supply of water, crops will struggle. Bio Leaf Technologies was established to serve a niche market of specialised growers who require consistently high quality of growing mediums for unique growing demands.

Our services include the development and supply of specialised organic growing medium products. The unique needs of the grower and specific crop requirements are considered when developing an ideal growing medium. Testing and detailed analysis is done to help fine-tune the growing medium. We only use organic components that are responsibly sourced via sustainable channels and sources.

Specialised Growing Medium


Organic Formulation

We develop the best organic growing medium for your requirements, working with you, gathering information about your growing environment and application. Together we find a happy medium.


Medical Grade Quality

When growing plants for medicinal purposes you need access to a premium grade growing medium that is produced in a controlled environment, using quality ingredients/components, with consistent quality and security of supply. Bio Leaf Technologies offer this so that you have peace of mind. Growing medium is our business, you do the growing.


Laboratory Tested

All our growing medium products are developed with scientific precision, subjected to a battery of tests, documented and reviewed regularly to consider changes in environment and other external factors e.g. water quality. We put in the time, research and effort to perfect the growing medium so that you can focus on growing.